About Me

My name is Theodore, but I just go by Theo. I'm a frontend developer located in Vancouver, BC.

Currently working at Real Estate Webmasters as a Frontend Developer. Also, a graduate from Simon Fraser University studying in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology with a Bachelor of Science concentrating in design.

Throughout my academic career, I’ve been given the ability to explore various routes of design and development, which lead me to find a passion for frontend development. Where I am able help bridge the gap between the development and the design steps in any project.

During my degree with various types of design and development projects, I was able to reaffirm my eagerness lies with transforming a concept into a one-to-one interactive product. I find that coding is always evolving, thus knowledge in the development field needs to be constantly kept up to date. Yet, at the end of the day, no matter what is produced, the experience that is presented to the user is my focus. While the code and design comes second as that can always be updated.

Aside from learning and applying the knowledge I’ve gained in the design and development field; my is brain is also most likely at work spatially planning out the next home DIY project. Feel free to reach out to me via Email or LinkedIn to chat!

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